What If Climate Change WAS Fiction…?


It’s not. Don’t worry.

In his address to the UN last week, Leonardo DiCaprio stated that he believes that ‘Makind has looked at Climate Change… as if it were a fiction. As if pretending that Climate Change wasn’t real, would somehow make it go away.’

And that got me thinking – what if Climate Change were a fiction? How would that movie go? (and right now I’m going to throw 2012 off the table because that is not what I’m talking about).

Let’s frame it. We have a threat to the World as we know it; a villainous plot to destroy mankind. Now, Climate Change may be a slightly more abstract concept than the alien onslaught in Independence Day, or the blatant intentions of Dr Evil, but realistically it’s not hard to literally put a group (eg.1) or even an individual (eg.2) into the roll of Antagonist (‘baddy’) in this picture. We’ve even had plots twists akin to ‘Trust No-one‘ or ‘Holy Sh*t, this thing goes all the way to the top!‘ with almost conspiratorially little involvement from the Government (until recently – and we’re back to DiCaprio).

And so we’ve got ‘the greatest threat ever faced by mankind‘ pretty established – their toughest challenge yet. What would Hollywood do if they had this kind of catastrophic threat? A Nemesis of such magnitude? Well they certainly wouldn’t send in ‘the committee’, or a couple of new legislations. They may well send in ‘the boys’, but they would definitely send in The Hero. That’s the way blockbuster narratives work – the story always follows one guy, sometimes with a crack team of friends, but the biggest bad-guys are always taken down by the Singular Hero. Think John Mcclain in the Die Hard series: One Guy, impossible odds (here he is killing a fighter jet with a truck). In the video-game series Halo you play as The Master Chief – a genetically engineered super soldier, one-man army and undisputed hero. These Heroes never have any doubt that they can do anything to achieve their goal, and most of the time that’s guns blazing with a whole lot of shouting and general awesomeness. And it comes from that fact that they are willing to give everything and put everything of themselves on the line in order to win.

But we don’t have a hero. or do we? Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s only one story in the world that you can follow like you would The Hero in a film; yours. It is your world that is in danger here, your loved ones tied to the railway tracks and the odd that you face that are to be overcome. Look out at that world now. There’s only one person you can trust to save it. The truly awesome thing is; every day, every time you do anything at all to make this world a better place, you are saving the world, and you get to feel like the Hero you are.

How Will You Save The World?


2 thoughts on “What If Climate Change WAS Fiction…?

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