The Forest Man Of India


This is a brilliant, beautiful, humble little film & you should watch it. How about NOW?

Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in the wilderness in India since the 1970’s; now his forest is larger than Central Park. Single handedly, he has created a paradise in a place that has, otherwise, been written off as doomed. I caught this film first here on Films For Action; and everything about the way this story is told I love.

This film is captivating, and beautiful. The Forest Man himself – Jadav Payeng – is inspirational. His humility, and that of the narrator Jito, is as infectious as their good humour that is simply heartwarming. Now, their homes & very ways of life are deeply threatened by a changing climate and the resulting destruction by flood – but they both contentedly celebrate Jadav’s quiet yet profound effort to save the area that is not just their whole world, but that of thousands of others. And it has a happy ending! There is great hope, because of what this one, humble man can achieve – THESE ARE THE CONSERVATION STORIES THAT WE NEED TO BE TELLING!!!

Here’s something I love in a communicative sense: The camera work. It’s perfect. Some shots are beautiful, but by in large it doesn’t seem that there’s anyone with years of experience behind the lens as it’s shaky, the cuts are abrupt, often the operator is fiddling with the zoom whilst trying to find the right shot, and overall it looks like someone just stumbled across this story on their travels and essentially scribbled it down. And that’s what makes it brilliant. Because it lets you into a real adventure! Yes, it’s about this semi-secret garden of Eden, but the way that the camera muddles about makes you feel like you’re the one living it – it’s just you there in the wilderness with Jadav, being given the soul-stirring treat of walking his garden with him. It’s not a documentary of someone else’s experience – it wonderfully takes you there, and moves you.

I cannot thank everyone involved in this enough. You’re awesome. Thank You.

Here’s the link again.


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