Harrison Ford IS The Ocean


And dammit he’s not happy.

Watch this new video from Conservation International and tell me you’re not awed:

This is a part of a new campaign from Conservation International called Nature Is Speaking, and it’s all damn beautiful. It’s hardly cheerful though, unless you’re a conservationist sternly believing that humanity needs a damn-good kick. There’s been plenty of threats of disaster  before from conservationists, and Al Gore, but we’ve never had a direct threat from Nature itself (herself) before.

This campaign, whilst beautifully captivating, delivers a cutting message on a very personal level – and frankly we could do with having more of a face, or voice, to the environment; this makes is something that our human minds can understand that we interact with, rather than it being abstract. And now we’ve got Hollywooders giving the elements far greater characters than we could ever have imagined; Julia Roberts IS Mother Nature, Harrison Ford IS The Ocean, Kevin Spacey IS The Rainforest, Edward Norton IS The Soil, Penelope Cruz IS Water, Robert Redford IS The Redwood, and we’re still waiting on the release of the next two – The Coral Reef and The Flower. Go watch the whole series – it’s captivating.

What’s also cool is that this beautiful world isn’t asking us to save it for it’s sake – it’s telling us to save ourselves. This film isn’t flower-power, it’s a simple case of human survival. NATURE DOESN’T NEED PEOPLE. PEOPLE NEED NATURE. So save the world for your own selfish sake – love your iPhone more than the Earth it’s made from – just save yourself by damn-well saving it.

There’s been concerns that, impactful as these films are, they’re hopeless. They certainly drill in how insignificant our species is (in spite of our causing the 6th mass extinction), and do miss out giving the audience anything to actually do to change ourselves in the world. But I would like to counter that point. They are a mix of pleasure and pain; and that’s what fundamentally drives us humans (fleeing pain, pursuing pleasure). You can’t watch these films and not marvel at the beauty of the natural world – even freaking SOIL – and there’s the Pleasure right there. That shows us what we should pursue; and the heart-shuddering narrative over the top reinforces the Pain of losing that… and everything else.

And here’s more pleasure: Hewlett-Packard are donating $1 up to $1m to Conservation International, for every time anyone uses the hash-tag #NatureIsSpeaking. So we’re not without anything that we can do to make the world a better place! However, if you’re still stirred by this incredible series of films to change the way you live and save this incredible planet, I suggest you go here to the WWF Footprint Calculator. I guarantee you’ll be surprised and probably a little scared – but the good people of WWF actually suggest ways for you to change your life, live more sustainably and SAVE THE WORLD!!

Be awed, and be awesome. Your actions determine our survival. Your actions determine everything. Make your actions awesome.

Find out how many planets you’re using with WWF, and they’ll help you use only 1.



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