Savages. Some Things Can’t Wait…


Some things can’t wait; our future is one of those things. That’s why some of humanity’s most surprising underdogs – with the most to lose – are taking a stand right now. The indigenous people of Ecuador are putting their lives at risk to save their home, because they will have no lives to risk if they don’t. I would like to introduce these incredible people;

Aside from the big picture of global climate change from fossil fuel exploitation, this is locally a battle of human rights for the Huaorani people and their neighbours.

And this is on a day where Tendetza Antun, the leader of the Shuar people of Ecuador, has been found brutally beaten & murdered, disrespectfully buried by the Zamora River; this intercepted his intention to attend the UN Climate Summit in Lima to publicly file a complaint against a massive open-pit mining operation that’s being spear-headed by China Railway Construction Corporation and the Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holding Company.

(Note the slightly ominous & Villain-esq video on the CRCC homepage…)

You don’t need me to tell you how much we need The Amazon; Is there anything in the world that you like? Forget breathing, for a moment, anything else? You need The Amazon. For the Huaorani, for the Shuar, for the other 30 million people & tens of thousands of species it is their home. For Tenedtza Antun, it was his home. His murder – for his commitment to save his ancestral home and by-proxy protect everyone else on this planet – is simply villainous, and I extend deep sorrow and sympathy to his loved ones (and, from the breadth of his actions, he loved an awful lot). But his closest family and friends, his community, his fellow warriors that are willing to fight the destruction of their world; Thank You, you make me feel pride and you give me hope in what would otherwise be a terribly dark hour.


Greenpeace have been inexcusable idiots and should be fucking ashamed.

The UN have got together &, unsurprisingly, no-one got exactly what they wanted & they didn’t quite manage to quantify change-effort. But at least they put in an abnormal amount of effort, which is good. But all they’ve really been doing is working on a plan-of-a-plan-to-plan-what-they-might-plan-at-next-year’s-planning-session-in-Paris. Next year, Paris may bring about revolutionary change… but some things can’t wait.

The greatest glory of this natural world is falling.

The most empassioned activists are being murdered as they fight for their children to live in the world that they love.

Those whose soul job it is to protect our world are being inconsiderate, thoughtless and reckless.

And those with the ability to change the most are hindered by every conceivable obstacle.

It has fallen to you.

Only if you act now, can we proudly stand to save our world and say that when it came down to the line we fought. Please, change your life. Change other’s lives. I know it’s hard, I know it seems like you won’t make a difference, but everyone is depending on you. And people have already died to save you. You can start by consulting this world-saving life-changing calculator, and please sign this petition from Amazon Watch (and watch this video if you haven’t above). Do what you need to so that you can live every day knowing that you are making the world a better place – that you are doing your part, standing with your loved ones, to save the world.


As a final note, we have seen destruction before. Plenty of violence has come from our past ignorance. I wish to portray not the slightest disrespect in making this reference; I’m including reference to Pop Culture purely so that you will remember. You will remember to learn from our mistakes. Remember what has inspired us, and remember what we are fighting for.

With dreams, and the knowledge that lives hang in the balance, please find it in yourselves to change the world.


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