Planting Flamingo Land


I’ve just discovered one of the best things ever – TREE PLANTING! Aside from the obvious environmental and economical benefits, planting trees is fantastically rewarding and fun!

The other week I went over to Flamingo Land – probably the greatest Flamingo-based amusement park in the land – in North Yorkshire, to help them plant trees around the periphery of some of their to-be-expanded land. Here I am proudly with my first tree:

Me & My First Tree

Me & My First Tree

The weekend was organised by some wonderfully enthusiastic characters, including Dr Andy Marshall of the University of York, to whom I’m very grateful for getting me involved. As a team we made our way down the field planting little tree after little tree,

our trees

on a beautifully sunny winter’s day. It’s cool that these trees will grow and make new woodlands and all that in the future, but there was something extra-nice just about taking a little Cherry Tree, or Birch, or Holly, Ash, Wild Rose or fuzzy little Scot’s Pine, digging it a home and tucking it in, to give it the best start you possibly can. I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but I did have a particular fondness for the little oak trees.

The Little Oak

This was the 4th year of Flamingo Land tree planting, & every year – in just a weekend – their volunteers have planted 2000 trees! Some of which will be moved to other areas of the park as they grow, and some of which will stay for potentially ages.

I’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone involved, it’s a great thing you’re doing, and I never imagined something so seemingly simple could be so satisfying.

As the sun set, we all looked back along our line of little trees and were right chuffed with what we’d done 🙂

A Good Day's Work :)

A Good Day’s Work





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