Yesterday Prince Ea released his latest video, Sorry. It’s… brilliant… and it’s exploding over the internet just like something of it’s magnitude should. Whether you’ve seen it already or not, please watch it now:

I can barely describe how much I love it, and I think Prince Ea would be pleased with that. His video should leave you speechless, it should leave you open-mouthed as you struggle to calm your shaking soul. Maybe it’s just because, as he speaks so from the heart (which is reinforced by the footage of his work in Africa) he happens be carving the words out of my own, but I’ve been longing to hear these things said about the world.

And it’s not just that it’s so cutting truths, the killer moment is when he refuses to say sorry because he refuses to accept this future. He gives us a deep call to action.

“An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”

This is all from one humble, eloquent man. He’s no scientist, and this isn’t the UN telling us we need to change our behaviour. The great message here, echoing the people’s climate march of last year, is that we ordinary people have to change the world – have to save the world – because the people ‘in charge’ aren’t going to.

As we say on Speak Easy‘s, if somebody moves you, if somebody delivers something great, thank them. As an audience in person you do this with applause; here on the internet, you like and you share, and most importantly you allow yourself to get as worked up by this cause as Prince Ea is asking you to.  And he helps you go one step further. He says it’s just the option that he chose, but he gives you a direct way to protect the forests & forest communities in Africa, and in-so-doing “balance the amount of pollution that you yourself give off in your everyday activities”, by donating to Stand For Trees.


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