Our Giant Leap

So Thank You, world, for just as I was saying how we need a boost in enthusiasm to save the world, a huge bunch of people got together to launch the biggest leap of enthusiasm ever!

I’m talking about Project Global Apollo. Their idea is that, during the cold war, we pulled together our greatest minds and un-capped funding to put men on the moon. And we succeeded, really quite quickly, and spectacularly in a moment that is yet to be rivalled in human history.

Head of the project, UK’s former chief scientist and holder of two title prefixes, Professor Sir David King told the BBCWe have already discovered enough fossil fuels to wreck the climate many times over. There’s only one thing that’s going to stop us burning it – and that’s if renewables become cheaper than fossil fuels.

I heartily agree, and am so proud that they’re pursuing this. And I thoroughly agree that it’ll need the hype equivalent to landing on the moon. This truly will be a big leap for human kind on the face of the Earth, we will be in the future. Think about it, Apple may be doing a great job in giving us every kind of touch-screen & techno-interface imaginable, so the only thing really left & separating us from any child’s daydream of the future is purely clean energy. Think about ‘The Future’ – do you see smokestacks?

Endorsed by Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General.

This is getting big, and everyone’s getting behind it. UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, is urging governments to invest in renewable energies – another point to the fact that we’re all in this together. And if there ever was someone you wanted behind a moon-esq effort in anything, it’d someone who’s surname is Moon.

And this giant leap that we’re preparing to take for mankind could be actualised more radically in still-developing countries, who have the opportunity to entirely skip the fossil-fuel-guzzling stage that the rest of us went through. Imagine being in a country that’s able to bypass the smog of the Industrial Revolution – you know, that thing that got us all into this mess – won’t that be incredible?

This is the French President’s idea.


I’d say that our feet have already left the ground in this giant leap – we just don’t yet know what we’re going to land on. But with the enthusiasm of Project Global Apollo, it’s looking less like it’ll be intolerably hot & disastrous, and more shiny, smooth, and comfortable. The people behind Global Apollo are aiming to crack this within 10 years – that’s their “T-minus”, if you like. But I think we can do it even sooner, all we need is to crank up our energy and know that the single Small Steps you’ll take today will be rocking the world. Cos we’re all aboard Spaceship Earth, and we’re leaping into tomorrow.






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