I’ve gone from a youth of running around in this big wide world and climbing trees into The ‘Real World’ that slaps with the truth that this big wide world is in some big trouble. I’ve also got to know a number of people who aren’t standing for that, and doing some real research into protecting this Earth of ours.

Frustratingly, often the communication of these most-important things in the world doesn’t nearly do it justice, and the biggest source of awe – the whole freakin’ world – is overlooked by the masses. And if we overlook what’s most important in the world, we’ll lose it forever.

I’ve called this ‘Life & Mind of a Rock’N’Roll Conservationist’ because I love the world on which we live, and that’s loaded with the pursuit of feeling awesome. What if you could look out at the world and be damn proud of what you saw, because you made it the way it is. And you’ll see hardships along the way, and there will be plenty of nay-sayers trying stop you, but you go on anyway, because making the world a better place makes you feel freakin’ awesome. That’s Rock’N’Roll Conservation.

From The Top Of The Tree, I’m sharing my thoughts on the world, and my experiences in it. I get very excited about a few (many) things in this life, but the big ones are The Natural World and Talking About It.  We can combat all the threats to our Earth, it’s just going to take a lot of people getting very excited about it – which sounds like a pretty good way to go about doing anything – and The Top Of The Tree is a good place to start.


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About the Author:

Andy Clark

Andy Clark has spent years culturing his two biggest drives: The Natural World & Communication.

In the Natural vein he studied Biology at the University of St Andrews, which was followed by an MSc in Ecology & Environmental Management at the University of York. He has  worked with conservation NGO  Operation Wallacea (Opwall) at 3 of their global conservation field sites, and from their head office in rural Lincolnshire. It was with ‘Opwall’ that Andy was first able to combine his loves of conservation and communication into one element, as producer, director and narrator of short videos about their work.  Since then, Andy has become a freelance voice artist, through which he has voiced a variety of unusual roles. Andy is a proud graduate and tutor with Speak Easy UK, with whom he shares his passion for helping people share their passions.
Ultimately, Andy’s passions for both nature and conservation come together most fully in his role producing independent films from The Top Of The Tree.

He also really likes being outside.

 get in touch: andyclark@thetopofthetree.uk



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