Your Save-The-World Starter Pack

Activism’s great. Daunting facts about the fate of the world are great. But so often you’ll be filled with intense desire to DO something, and be left grasping at thin air without direction or purpose. You’re told what the problems are, but not what you can DO about them!

Well, to compliment my One Man Climate March, I’ve made you your own Save The World Starter Pack, with all the solutions you need to start living a fuller life and making the world a better place in the process.

In no particular order,

1. Offset your carbon emissions with Saving Species.
It’s jaw-droppingly cheap and they do greatSSp things.

2. Stop eating Beef. (Stop eating dairy full-stop if you’re really keen.)
Compromise and only eat really good beef on special occasions. Make it worth it, and reduce your carbon (and methane) footprint tenfold.

3. Search the web with Ecosia.
The search engine that plants trees!

4. Speak to your MP.
Hope For The Future facilitate climate-focussed discussions between communities and their local MPs, helping you help policy makers do what’s best for us and the planet.

5. Dramatically reduce your fish consumption, whilst using the Good Fish Guide app.
Plenty more fish in the sea” – true if you’re going through a break-up, not so true if you’re a fisheries scientist.goodfish

6. Eat at the best chippies.
Look for Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fish & chips for your Friday fish supper, using this brilliant map.

7. Stop and smell the roses. Literally.
Appreciate what’s around you. If there are no flowers, plant some – with a Seed Ball!.

8. Watch Cowspiracy.
And never feel the same about beef again.

9. Get off the budget airlines.
You don’t need to travel as much as you’ve been lead to believe. This country’s brilliant, enjoy it.

10. Take your canvas bags to the supermarket.

This sentiment extends to all packaging, particularly plastic. It’s all extra and unnecessary energy-waste / pollution.
(Note to Amazon, please produce smaller boxes to ship our things in. It’s absurd.)

11. Buy and enjoy the wonky parsnip.
They have all the taste, all the nutrition, and they love you more.

12. Get your culinary web-surfing on at Thug Kitchen, and get your hands on the Thug Kitchen Party Grub cook book.
“Eat like you give a ****.”

13. Eat More Venison.
Wild Scottish venison is delicious and actually beneficial for the environment (cos they eat everything).
(If you’re reading this in the Caribbean, this applies to Lion Fish.)

14. Watch The End Of The Lineend
It’s a few years old, but still brutally true, with some uplifting solutions.

15. Divest from Fossil Fuels. (#KeepItInTheGround)
Invest in renewables. (#LookToTheSky)

16. Appreciate that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself.
The world needs unity, love and respect. When you pause to appreciate the impacts that you have on the world, and look at everything that influences you, the world becomes a very different place.

17. Protect forests from deforestation with Stand For Trees. 

Endorsed by Prince Ea, this is carbon-offsetting by protecting what’s already there.

18. Vote.
You live in a democratic society. That means you have a say in how things are done.

19. Capitalise.
You live in a capitalist society. That means you influence the supply by what you demand (buy / don’t buy). –  for inspiration watch This Changes Everything.

20. Download this Stop Fracking Action Pack.
Cleaner than coal. Still fossil-fuel and still dirty as hell.
WASTE. OF. TIME… And. Resources.

21. Think Global, Buy Local.
Support local growers, and allow seasonality to influence your diet. Eating the same things all-year-round is a recipe for beige.

22. Check for microplastics.
Tiny plastic beads in all our stuff spell disaster. Make sure you exfoliate with natural abrasives.

23. Showertime Fun.
Turn off the water to lather in the shower. This actually makes it lather better, with less product, thereby making you feel like you’re in an advert. It’s also so pleasant an experience, it’s probably meditative.

24. Follow The Frog. / Fair-trade logo. 

Support certifications that make the world a better place, like the Rainforest Alliance, Fair-trade, RSPB bird-friendly etc.
(Includes “sustainably / responsibly / ethically” caught fish, if you must buy fish).

25. Build to last.
Stuff the IKEA mindset that cheapness excuses poor durability. Look for, higher-quality materials in production, so you won’t have waste to deal with sooner than you should.

Don’t need new.
Screw the Apple mindset of built-in redundancy. Appreciate something like a phone for what it is – something brilliant – and use it to it’s full potential.

27. Buy a FairPhone.
The only smart phone on the planet (currently) that meets Fair-trade certification and is designed to be environmentally-friendly.

28. Switch off the lights.
…When you’re not using them to see. Meaning there should be no such thing as a Standby light, the most heinous light of them all.

29. Make less babies.
The planet’s support-systems are under enough stress as it is, so let’s try and slow things down for a while until we can figure out how to look after the ones we’ve got, before indulging many new humans. Fair balance is replace yourself, then that’s probably enough.

30. Modify your views on GM.
We know how it works, in spite of Stan Lee’s fantastical demonstrations otherwise. It’s in early days with enormous potential, so we need more investment into it to help it reach this hunger-ending, bee-saving potential.

31. Break Free in 2016.breakfree
and support the world’s most ambitious climate solutions.

32. Only fill the kettle with how much water you NEED.
we use as much energy boiling kettles in the UK as we use to light the streets at night.
If you can make tea responsibly, maybe we can manage a planet responsibly.

33. Keep Chickens.
Magically transform food waste into eggs!

34. Play the Green Driving Challenge!
Think FitBit for your car.

35. Clean up your Plastic use.
Check out SLO active’s guide to alternatives to single-use plastic, and get involved in cleaning this place up.

35. Advocate Women’s Education globally.
Nothing helps create healthy, sustainable populations like women being empowered and educated, and allowed to make informed decisions on how to live their lives.

36. Take pride in who you are, and in the world you are a part of. opportunities