The Speak Easy of 2014


Last weekend I had a truly awesome time tutoring on the Speak Easy of 2014 in Nottingham, with a bunch of brilliant people.

The Speak Easy was created years ago by my Dad, with whom I share a name, so for the duration of ‘Speak Easy’s we go by the names ‘Big’ & ‘Little’. We teach stage craft, presentation content as well as style, how to lead audiences & much much more. And every time, it’s some of the most high-energy, empowering fun you can have in a weekend.

Myself & Big enjoy a post-course drink with fellow-tutor Rebecca & our friends / delegates.

Myself, ‘Big’, fellow tutor Rebecca & some of our brilliant friends & delegates. And yes, the sun was quite in my eyes.

This group included some of my best, oldest friends, and I’m immensely proud of what everyone¬†achieved over the weekend.

There’s one however, a guy called Stuart, who delivered a presentation under the title of ‘What The World Needs Now‘, and I instantly knew it was coming up to The Top Of The Tree. Over the course of the 2 days, we give our delegates about 9 presentations to deliver, though for most they don’t know what they’re going to be talking about until about 20 minutes before they’re on stage. This is from about half-way through Day 2, so Stuart’s thrown this presentation together in about 10 minutes (on top of what I suspect is a bit of a long-running passion) and blew all of our minds.

Here you go, Enjoy…

… and make sure you take that message deeply to heart.